Troll Systems' A600 Directional Diversity Antenna System Wins Two Engineering Design Awards


The first in a series of Next Generation News Gathering products, Troll Systems’ XNG receive system is a fully self-contained receive site.

The package includes:

  • Six channel DVB-T diversity receiver
  • Unique steerable high-gain directional antenna
  • Five reconfigurable diversity panel medium gain antennas
  • Fully automatic, software defined signal tracking
  • Self-contained form-factor that can be controlled from any remote location

The system is easy to install (only one cable is required from the controller to the antenna), and even easier to operate. Once the receive channel has been set, the A600 manages the link between the RF source and the receiver. When one of the sector antennas detects a signal, the steerable high-gain antenna is automatically peaked and moved to improve signal strength, continuously optimizing its “point-to” position during signal transmission. It is this ability to track “signal integrity” that enables the A600 to outperform all competitive receive site solutions.

Automating the operation of your receive site furthers cost savings by eliminating the need for microwave experts to set-up and operate these antennas.

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A600 Directional Diversity Antenna System Wins Two NAB Engineering Design Awards