AutoTracking Antenna

Aperture efficient offset parabolic, lightweight carbon fiber design with automated alignment, acquisition and tracking software

Designed to be a self-contained tracking and transceiver system, the AX3000 represents the evolution of Troll’s compact, fully weatherized directional tracking antenna. It incorporates a high-performance multi-sensor inertial navigation system with dual-GPS to automatically locate and track targeted radio sources effortlessly.

Without operator input the AX3000 auto-aligns the antenna’s boresight with sub-degree precision. Once allied the AX3000 searches the frequency domain to acquire assets. Selecting a specific frequency source catalyzes tracking and triggers alignment automation to null the effects of platform motion. Highly accurate pan and tilt with continuous 360° azimuth, +85° to -15° elevation provides exceptional coverage and range. To ensure repeatability in dynamic environments the antenna incorporates the latest solid-state INS sensor technology. Comprised of three-axis accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers, barometric pressure sensor, dual GNSS receivers, high-speed micro-processor along with DGPS the AX3000 automatically determines its location and orientation in three dimensions.

Power and data are provided by a single cable for AC/DC power, Serial and Ethernet connectivity. Radio agnostic, the AX3000 utilizes Troll’s patented RF tracking processes and allows for fully-duplexed, multi-band operation at frequencies from UHF to Ku. Support is provided for a variety of radio waveforms including CDL, COFDM, OFDM, FDD: DVB -T and MIMO. Radio solutions can be embedded or remotely connected via RF cable lengths up to 30 meters.

The antenna is configured with a weatherized radome suitable for extremely demanding environments including: mobile ground, coastal and marine installations. Systems operate on AC or DC inputs from: 22-32 VDC or 80-240 VAC.  Its lightweight, carbon fiber design benefits from a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). In extreme environments AX performance is assured through rigorous testing and qualification.

High-Gain, Auto-Tracking Ground Antenna
  • Auto-Alignment, Calibration, Acquisition & Tracking
  • RF tracking options
  • CoT/KLV601/ROVER/NEMA/MISB metadata compatible
  • RF jamming and interference resistant
  • Supports high data rate links
  • Operation in GPS denied environments
  • Compact and reliable all-weather design
  • Ethernet and serial interfaces
  • Efficient remote GUI interface
  • Built-in precision dual-GPS/INS
  • Heavy-duty continuous rotating, pan and tilt
  • Intuitive local touchscreen GUI controller
  • ITAR Free

Mil-STD 810 H – Method 508.5 Salt/Fog
Lightweight Carbon Fiber with low CTE
Operating Temperature: -40 °C to +55 °C

ANTENNA CHARACTERISTICS UHF – Optional L1 – Band L2 – Band S – Band C1 – Band C2 – Band Ku – Band
FREQUENCY RANGE 300 – 900 MHz 0.9 – 1.35 GHz 1.4 – 1.9 GHz 2.0 – 2.5 GHz 4.4 – 5.9 GHz 6.0 – 6.9 GHz 14 – 17 GHz
Gain (mid-band) 10 dBi 13 dBi 17 dBi 20.5 dBi 30 dBi 32 dBi 36 dBi
HPBW (EL)° ± 18° ± 11° ± 8° ± 5.5° ± 3.5° ± 3.0° ± 1.0°
HPBW (AZ)° ± 11° ± 4° ± 3.5° ± 3.0° ± 1.5° ± 1.25° ± 0.75°
Gain AX3000 (0.9m reflector) 5.2 – 14.7 dBi 14.7 – 18.3 dBi 20.3 – 21.2 dBi 21.7 – 23.6 dBi 28.5 – 31.1 dBi 31.2 – 32.4 dBi 38.6 – 39.2 dBi
Polarization Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical RHCP

Specifications subject to change without notice.

* Troll Systems quality programs, product registrations and certifications are ongoing.
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