Auto-tracking high-gain directional antenna

Power, RF and Ethernet control over fiber

For more than 25 years, Troll Systems has been an indispensable part of the commercial broadcast industry. As a manufacturer of air-to-ground HD video data links, video receivers, controllers and transmission systems, Troll equipment is found in nearly every broadcast news facility in the fifty largest DMA’s in the country.

Our newest tracking antenna the AX3000 grew out of innovations that began in 2008 with the introduction of A600 NEXT GENERATION IP antenna systems. These antennas combined high-gain directional tracking with 360° diversity antenna panels.

Today, redundant video streams from remote site antennas can be monitored and combined at a “packet level” to support numerous transmissions on the same frequency without interruption.

Additionally, Troll DMR8000 diversity receivers and video network server provides the ability to decode, transcode and distribute multiple video formats for recording and display on virtually any device.

  • DVB-T COFDM up to 10MHz per channel
  • Typical gain at 13.5 dBi – 37 dBi
  • High-gain tracking system
  • Multi-band capable
  • Fully automated signal tracking software
  • Networked IP ground control system
  • Automated antenna calibration
  • Automated (fly-by) air-to-ground signal acquisition
  • Push-button signal lock
  • Easy operator modes, simple to deploy, easy to maintain
  • Increased accuracy for fast moving terrestrial vehicles
  • 360° continuous rotation +85/-20° elevation steering

A6 - six-channel, multi-band capable diversity antenna

The A6 diversity ground antennas were designed to provide high-gain 360° diversity signal reception without the cost and complexity of a dedicated tracking system. Each antenna uses six independent sectors with overlapping reception beam-widths. Integrated into the design are high-performance UHF down-converters with exceptional selectivity characteristics. This conversion to a UHF lowers cost, minimizes cable loss, reduces noise and improves efficiency.

A6 sector antennas can produce up to 15dBi of gain in any one direction and are available in single to tri-band configurations.

  • Six high-gain sector antennas
  • 1.4 to 7.1GHz – single to tri-band
  • Compact – lightweightInternal BDCs and filters as required
  • Simultaneous multi-band options available
  • Permanent and tripod mounting options
  • Up to 15dBi gain
A6_2GHZ_400 1 (1)

2.0 GHz – 2.5 GHz Diversity Sector Antenna



DVB-T COFDM diversity receiver with built-in antenna controller

Network managed UDP streaming and remote control

Troll’s DMR series of products combine a multichannel DVB-T microwave receiver with a remote site diversity antenna controller. The combination provides a two (2) to eight (8) channel diversity reception and video processing for remote Electronic News Gathering (ENG) or law enforcement antenna sites. The DMR processor performs video decryption, encryption, video and audio decoding for local monitoring and secure IP transport to remote control centers.

The DMR’s front panel touchscreen enables live video and audio decoding, remote control, monitoring and signal diagnostics. Receiver stacks can be daisy chained together to separate multiple RF signal sources from different channels simultaneously. This passive “loop through” feature makes it possible to support multiple aircraft and ground vehicles with a single diversity antenna. To enable the smooth transition between each sector, DMR receivers incorporate Maximum-Ratio Combining and packet switching to “knit together” signals from different antenna panels. This ensures redundant streams of video and data are collected for every panel on a packet level.

DMR8000_ReceiverLoop_500 1 (1)
  • Multi-channel diversity receiver
  • Two to eight antenna inputs
  • RTP over UDP – streaming HD video over Ethernet
  • Live video and audio preview with touchscreen control
  • MPEG 2 (4:2:2) and H.264 (4:2:2) decoding
  • AES 128 or 256 decryption | encryption
  • 2 HDMI outputs
  • Eight-port Ethernet switch
  • Independent switching for external BDC’s
  • Redundant network support

S8000 IP based remote antenna site controller

The S8000 is designed to replace Troll’s BAS era S750 and S350 remote controllers. The S8000 is a completely modern remote controller that provides a direct Ethernet interface to Troll’s latest diversity and tracking antenna products.

The S8000 incorporates a local touchscreen Graphic User Interface (GUI) designed to provide local control, signal diagnostics and test. On site outputs include audio, HDMI and composite video.

An internal eight-port Ethernet switch connects external receivers, transmitters, switchers and many other digital devices commonly found at remote antenna sites.

S_8000_500 1 (1)
  • Most advanced remote-site controller
  • Highly configurable two to eight channel I/O
  • Control multiple devices over Ethernet
  • Spectrum viewer options
  • Embedded Ethernet switch
  • Support for multi-channel diversity antenna sites
  • Numerous communications options
  • Controller for multiple antennas

Master and Remote Controlled Receive Site Infrastructure Delivering Wireless Airborne and Terrestrial ENG Contribution Nationwide

A major manufacturer of microwave communications equipment for the commercial broadcast industry, Troll Systems has been the standard at receive sites since the BAS era. Troll’s air-to-ground video data links, ground receive systems and master controllers are currently used by nearly every local or national news department in the top-fifty U.S. DMA’s

Now legendary, virtually all Troll’s BAS hardware and software infrastructure has been operating reliably and without interruption since 2008.