Legendary Reliability

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At Troll Systems we are committed to growing a business that provides customers with the highest quality products, rigorously tested and qualified. We endeavor to achieve 100% customer satisfaction supplying products of unparalleled quality and innovation.

Anechoic Chamber for Radio Frequency Antenna Testing
Microwave directional antenna and radiofrequency testing / qualification
Anechoic_Test Engineer Troll Systems

Our anechoic test engineer’s take radiofrequency testing and interference seriously.
Test and qualification to customer data requirements.

Troll Systems awarded AS 9100D Certification
In the aviation industry everyone understands the inherent risks in flying. Passengers, pilots, operators, regulatory agencies, airframe and aerospace component manufacturers should agree to identify risks and prioritize safety. Meeting these challenges for customers, Troll has modernized its quality management system to include AS9100D certification.

The new standard, AS9100 Rev. D established a quality management system that encompasses procedures and practices that are recognized by the aviation, space and defense companies worldwide.

Here at Troll we recognize that there are no do-overs. Our airborne and ground communications systems are regularly deployed in demanding physical and operational environments. While at the factory, Troll’s inspectors and technicians meticulously test every product under the direction of a quality engineer. These inspectors evaluate hardware documentation, perform laboratory procedures, measure process performance and record data to ensure customer data requirements, applicable ISO and AS 9100 standards are met.

For additional quality assurance we provide a standard two-year factory warranty for design, quality and workmanship. Extended warranties are also available.