Mini GS

Fully Weatherized, High-Gain c2isr Tracking Antenna

Suitable for fast moving and ruggedized terrestrial vehicle operations.

Following the success of Troll’s airborne Mini, the MiniGS was built for rugged terrain and demanding maritime applications. These highly directional, long-range tracking antennas support a variety of secure radio waveforms and network topologies commonly used for security and defense applications.

MiniGS incorporates an advanced dual-GSP (DGPS) and dynamic INS which automatically aligns the antenna to North with 0.15° accuracy on both stationary and moving vehicles. Unlike other systems which rely on external heading sources, or unreliable magnetometers the MiniGS uses the advanced DGPS and embedded INS to continuously solve for heading. This system takes advantage the latest in global navigation with its 72 channel GNSS receiver capable of simultaneously tracking multiple constellations. Various tracking solutions are provided, including Troll’s patented RF tracking, GNSS and MISB data (radio link dependent). Deployed in extreme weather and harsh conditions, MiniGS is proven to provide outstanding results in contested operational areas and among its peers in US Army field tests.

The MiniGS has unique features that include:

  • Dual-GPS accurate to 0.15°heading
  • Internal INS
  • Built-in servo drive
  • Controlled by PC or custom program
  • Suitable for salt/fog environments
  • Supports PoE operation and embedded radios

The exceptional long-range performance of the Mini-GS relies on multi-axis, stabilized high-gain antennas that are continuously steered toward airborne or ground assets. This allows the MiniGS to focus all its signal energy reducing the need for amplification to maximize range. The MiniGS’s narrow beam width also provides an obstacle to signal jamming and interference often associated with omnidirectional antennas or saturated radio frequency environments.

Dual-GPS with Embedded (INS)
The MiniGS incorporates dual-GPS and embedded INS for improved accuracy, self-calibration and stand-alone positioning, heading, pitch and roll. Installation of the MiniGS is independent of any external navigation equipment. This eliminates the need for onboard connectivity to external GPS or gyrocompasses reducing cost and complexity.

The MiniGS incorporates ruggedized gears and chemically resistant materials to withstand jarring ground vehicle and marine environments.

  • Dual-GPS ± 0.15° Accuracy
  • Multi-Sensor INS Module
  • Resistant to interference or jamming
  • Operational in GPS denied environments
  • Accurate heading and multi-axis orientation
  • Low-power micro-processor
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for rugged terrain and marine environments
  • Automatic locating and tracking
  • Ethernet connected local PC control
ANTENNA CHARACTERISTICS L1 – Band S – Band C1 – Band C2 – Band Ku – Band
FREQUENCY RANGE 1.4 – 1.9 GHz 2.0 – 2.5 GHz 4.4 – 5.9 GHz 6.0 – 6.9 GHz 14 – 17 GHz
Mid-Band 1.7 GHz 2.3 GHz 4.4 GHz 6.5 GHz 14 GHZ
Antenna Type Slot Slot Horn Horn Horn
Gain 14 dBi 15 dBi 16 dBi 17 dBi 22 dBi
Beamwidth Az/El (-3dB): 36° / 36° 32° / 32° 30° / 20° 30° / 18° 20° / 15°
Polarization Vertical Circular / Linear Circular / Linear Circular / Linear Circular / Linear

Specifications subject to change without notice.