VNS4200 Video Network Server

Advanced Encryption on Both Sides of the Firewall

Network managed UDP video streaming provides access, control and packet level monitoring of multiple data streams from up to four diversity receive sites.

Troll’s Video Network Server (VNS) is designed to decode, transcode and distribute secure IP video and data over public or private networks. The VNS incorporates advanced server-side encryption to protect video and data on either side of the firewall.

Troll’s VNS decrypts and processes multiple incoming IP streams from multi-channel receivers at remote antenna sites. A typical scenario could include multiple airborne and ground vehicles simultaneously sending IP video and data to one or more antenna sites. Each site provides 360° coverage and can optionally track airborne or ground assets to the limits of Line-of-Sight (LOS). The VNS manages each IP stream from multiple inputs and multiple locations merging each input into a cohesive data stream for every mission platform. This seamless hand-off of live video coverage between different antenna inputs and remote sites makes it possible to create uninterrupted, real-time streams of video and data over large operational areas.

By adding additional receivers to existing antenna sites, the system can accommodate as many vehicles as necessary with nominal increases in cost and turn-around time. The VNS also provides built-in networking, optional RF spectrum monitoring, system test and control.

Video access, control and monitoring is provided on both sides of the fire wall. Troll’s network server can act as a network hub providing video access to network users or cloud-based, managed Internet users or groups. Troll’s web server application makes it secure and easy to manage access to encrypted video over the internet and smart devices. The VNS provides standard H.264 video transcoded resolutions of 160p, 360p and 720p, that can be automatically optimized for bandwidth availability.

  • Distribute video and data over a secure IP network
  • Distribute video over the internet using advanced encryption
  • Control video access on both sides of the firewall
  • Controls up to four (4) receive sites
  • Host up to four (4) administrator clients
  • Video access supports any number of end users