M3007 Master Control

Windows Computer Configured with the Latest Version of TouchStar

TouchStar Master Control System’s provide full functional access to remote receive site equipment, remote-controlled cameras and unique on-site digital devices. The intuitive touchscreen interface allows operators to control diversity receivers, remote site controllers and cameras at multiple locations with ease. Highly configurable, TouchStar software navigates from one receive site to another with the click of a button. There is no limit to the number of receive sites a TouchStar master can control. A single screen can be configured to operate a variety of devices simultaneously at geographically diverse locations. The TouchStar Master Control System includes a high-end, rack-mountable PC with an optional touchscreen monitor.

To simplifiy operator control, TouchStar can display all of the necessary functions from each receive site on one panel. Typically, TouchStar software is used to control video switchers, routers, microwave transmitters, receivers and various other pieces of equipment over Ethernet, serial or discreet remote interfaces. The system provides a seamless transition from one device to the next by providing a common user interface to Troll’s next generation receivers or legacy equipment. TouchStar Master Controllers can be networked together giving users the ability to simultaneously control the system from different workstations.

By default, the control panel is configured to display a large active view of each selected site with real-time snapshots of the other receive locations on the network. For additional convenience, there are built-in presets providing the operator quick access to a user-defined site controllers and configurations unique to each individual site.

Real-Time POV Video from Remote Receive Sites
A Master Controller running TouchStar software can display live video signals from each site. A locally controlled router provides automatic switching to activate different remote sites as the operator navigates through the software. This feature allows the user to quickly set up exsisting point of view camera shots by eliminating the need to manually switch video sources. To further reduce operator workload TouchStar automatically stores a bitmap of POV camera settings in “presets” as a quick reminder of each camera’s typical staring point. Onscreen control over video parameters allows operators to normalize video for live POV shots as required.

Commercial broadcast studio master controller
TouchStar Master Controller

M3007 upgrades include the latest TouchStar release featuring:

  • Updated GUI
  • Two (2) year software support and hardware warranty
  • Controls for multiple receive sites
  • Two (2) year license for remote desktop support
  • Reconfiguration and integration of existing customer panels, including direct support from Troll engineers to review and rearrange GUI screens to meet current operational requirements for up to five (5) remote devices
  • Windows OS.10

TouchStar software can be used to remotely control:

  • Video switchers
  • Routers
  • Microwave transmitters
  • Microwave receivers and remote site controllers
  • Remote camera systems
  • Any equipment with serial or Ethernet interfaces
  • Equipment located at multiple locations
  • Multiple receive sites on the network