LinkBox II Transceiver

Auto-Acquisition and Tracking in FDD - DVB-T and MANET/MIMO

FUTURE PROOF mission systems with dual-transceivers,
multi-channel HD-SDI video I/O to 4K and 64Bit supercomputer. Accelerated onboard video encoding, decoding, image processing and control. DO160 tested and NTIA certified

Troll’s Network LinkBox II provides unsurpassed air-to-ground connectivity for surveillance aircraft and tactical vehicles. A multi-band data link and payload controller, LinkBox II integrates a vast array of modems, sensors, software defined video processing, power distribution and data management. IP based, LinkBox II is a high-performance airborne data terminal that provides single or dual-channel transceivers. Its onboard supercomputer is used to accelerate encoding, decoding and encryption while providing the ability to identify and track objects on maps or sensor images.

Standard configurations include bidirectional DVB-T transmitter and receiver pairs with two DVB-T modulators and two DVB-T demodulators. These operate in multiple bands from 1.2GHz to 7GHz. Users can control multiple channels of data from modulators or demodulators or provide redundancy to increase bandwidth depending on mission requirements. Transmission bandwidths range from 2 MHz to 16 MHz and can support data rates of up to 40Mbps.

Supercomputer Accelerated:
Network LinkBox II incorporates a 64-bit supercomputer to calculate quickly. Its high-speed, Arm-based processors allow for the execution of techniques like video stabilization to occur before camera footage gets encoded. One of the many payload processing improvements this image sequencing increases encoding efficiency while removing camera shake. This ability vastly improves video quality and its future exploitation value.

High Quality HD-SDI Video I/O to 4k:
LinkBox II features multiple high quality 4k, SDI inputs and outputs with HDMI monitoring standard. Internal H.265, H.264 encoders are capable of routing one or more of these high-quality transport streams to a ground station while simultaneously recording to a built-in DVR. This allows mission exploitation to occur in real-time or play back from the aircraft with time delay. Particularly useful if reception becomes limited and bandwidth constrained, the DVR time delay ensures that air-to-ground video quality is maintained regardless of data link conditions onboard the aircraft.

LinkBox II supports a variety of mapping protocols. Used in conjunction with software defined video processing; object detection, object tracking and map annotation, LinkBox II provides layered image intelligence you can take to the edge of the operation.

  • DO-160 Tested
  • DVB‐T and MANET transmit and receive capability
  • Single or dual-channel transceiver
  • Dual-channel encoding and decoding
  • Control multiple transport streams
  • Dual-carrier LTE and dual-band Wi-Fi
  • 128/256 Encryption with Bcrypt
  • Antenna monitoring switching and control
  • Power monitoring and distribution
  • Video and audio control and monitoring
  • High-quality SDI video I/O resolutions to 4k
  • Multi-port Ethernet switching and routing
  • PC application for local or remote control of full system
  • Interfaces for industry leading mapping systems
  • Up to 2TB DVR with time delay video playback
  • Image stabilization prior to encoding



DO-160 Tested
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NTIA Certified
Stage 4
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