LinkBox II Transceiver

Airborne Radio - Frequency Division Duplex DVB-T Transceiver + MIMO / MANET

FUTURE PROOF mission aircraft with dual-DVB-T transceivers and wireless mesh network connectivity for long-range and tactical video and data. DO 160 and NTIA certified

Troll’s Network LinkBox II provides unsurpassed air-to-ground connectivity for surveillance aircraft, tactical ground and command operations. A multi-band data link and payload controller, LinkBox II is an airborne network hub that combines multiple TX/RX modems, multi-stream video processing, DC power and data management. IP based, LinkBox II provides a high-performance multi-waveform data links with an onboard supercomputer to accelerate video encoding, decoding and encryption.

Standard configurations include bidirectional DVB-T transmitter and receiver pairs that operate in multiple bands from 1.2GHz to 7GHz. MIMO transceivers can also be added to simultaneously connect to a mobile mesh network.  Users can control multiple channels of video and data from modulators / demodulators to provide redundancy, increase bandwidth, quality or range. Channel bandwidths are between 2 to 16 MHz and support data rates to 40Mbps.

Supercomputer Accelerated:
Network LinkBox II incorporates a 64-bit supercomputer with high-speed Arm processors allowing for techniques like video stabilization. One of many processing improvements, adding a layer of image stabilization to sensor data can increase encoding speed and efficiency.*

High Quality HD-SDI Video I/O to 4k:
LinkBox II features multiple high quality 4k, SDI inputs and outputs with HDMI monitoring standard. Internal H.265, H.264 encoders are capable of routing one or more of these high-quality transport streams to a ground station while simultaneously recording to a built-in DVR. This allows mission exploitation to occur in real-time or play back from the aircraft with time delay. Particularly useful if reception becomes limited and bandwidth constrained, the DVR time delay ensures that air-to-ground video quality is maintained regardless of data link conditions onboard the aircraft.

LinkBox II supports a variety of mapping protocols. Used in conjunction with software defined video processing; object detection, tracking, CoT and map annotation, LinkBox II provides image intelligence from the center of the operation to its edge.

*Image stabilization helps to lengthen the distance between keyframes to speed-up encoding and improve video quality, transmission and exploitation value.  

  • DO-160 test certified
  • DVB‐T COFDM and MIMO transmit and receive capability
  • Single or dual-channel transceivers
  • Dual-channel encoding and decoding
  • Control multiple transport streams
  • Dual-carrier LTE and dual-band Wi-Fi
  • 128/256 Encryption with Bcrypt
  • Antenna monitoring switching and control
  • Power monitoring and distribution
  • Video and audio control and monitoring
  • High-quality SDI video I/O resolutions to 4k
  • Multi-port Ethernet switching and routing
  • PC application for local or remote control of full system
  • Interfaces for industry leading mapping systems
  • Up to 2TB DVR with time delay video playback
  • Software image stabilization prior to encoding



DO-160 Testing Certification
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NTIA Certified
Stage 4 Operational
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