Omni-Directional Marine Antenna

Dual-Polarized, Multiple Transmit and Receive Frequencies UHF to C Band

The marine domain has become an increasingly important theater for surveillance aircraft. Troll Systems’ has developed, tested and deployed dual-polarized omni-directional antennas specifically designed for naval operations. Certified to withstand shock, salt corrosion, water intrusion and operate at extremely high or low temperatures Troll’s marine antennas are built to ensure performance in harsh marine environments.

Troll’s dual-polarized omnidirectional antennas are comprised of two elements, a vertically polarized coaxial sleeve dipole and a horizontally polarized turnstile slot. Encased in a qualified, solid enclosure, they meet MIL-S-901D and IP65 for optimum survivability even in the most severe maritime applications.

SkyLink omni Hoz Ver 540 3 1
Dual-Polarized Marine Antenna
Type Vertical Polarization: Vertical Dipole
Type Horizontal Polarization: Turnstile Slot
Vertical Beamwidth:  360°
Horizontal Beamwidth:  360°
Antenna Gain Vertical:  3 dBi minimum
Antenna Gain Horizontal  3 dBi minimum
Elevation Vertical:  ± 30°
Elevation Horizontal:  ± 26°

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Dual-Polarized Omni-Directional Marine Antenna MIL-S-901D and IP65 survivability certification
  • Dual-polarity in a single enclosure
  • MIL-S-901D rated antenna
  • IP65 survivability certification
  • Various mounting options
  • Optimized within elevation bandwidths
  • Multiple bands available