Photograph courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Special operations c2 - c4isr data links

Air-to-Ground Ethernet Data Links
Troll Systems has been an innovative leader in the development of video and data link solutions for federal law enforcement agencies. Our future-proof mission equipment automates air-to-ground, bidirectional transmission systems over encrypted wireless Ethernet, LTE and cloud infrastructure.

Remarkably adaptable these high bit rate data links and software defined transmission systems are designed to accommodate new sensors and modernized capabilities far into the future.

Troll Systems’ Products:

  • Increase range with high-gain directional antennas and advanced tracking software
  • Resist jamming and interference
  • Improve operations in saturated RF environments
  • Ideally suited for airborne ISR rotorcraft, UAVs, high-speed turboprops and jet aircraft

Long-Range Auto-Tracking and Control
Troll’s airborne and ground terminals combine GPS telemetry and radio frequency tracking technologies to simplify the location and acquisition of RF energy on fast moving airborne or ground vehicles. Air and ground data links are fully automated and ensure security and interoperability with tactical and commercial waveforms commonly found in civil or defense applications.

For U.S. Customs and Border Protection we manufacturer air and ground multi-band, multi-waveform transceivers that simultaneously transmit and receive MANET / MIMO and DVB-T radio modulations.

Scalable Solutions for Multi-Mission Operations



SkyLink® Directional Antennas

Industry standard for maximizing signal range, reliability and bit-rate

The SkyLink® Mini II features an inertial navigation system and embedded GPS to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of installation and operation. Its embedded INS enables the Mini II to self-calibrate and provides location, position and heading data to eliminate the need to install external gyros or magnetometers onboard the aircraft. Mini II always knows where it is and does not need GPS data from the aircraft to establish a data link or maintain signal lock.

Optional Dual-Polarization
The SkyLink® Mini II has been designed to operate in two frequencies simultaneously and supports bidirectional Frequency Division Duplexed (FDD) and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems.

  • Radio agnostic
  • Internal IMU
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Antenna gain up to 23dBi
  • Automatic locating and tracking
  • Available in bands from L to Ku
  • Simultaneous dual-frequency or dual-polarization
  • Resists jamming and interference
  • Direct Ethernet control open-source protocol
  • Dovetail, flush and omni-mount compatible
  • Tested to + 330 knots
  • DO-160 certified
Ground and Marine Tracking Antenna

Marine MultiBand RF  Tracking Antenna

Ultra High Gain Auto-Tracking Antenna

MTX Ultra High Gain Auto-Tracking Antenna

On to Move tactical tracking antenna. Long-range, ISR tracking of manned or unmanned fixed and rotor-wing aircraft

MiniGS High-Gain Mobile Tracking Antenna

SkyLink Mini2_Airborne Tracking Antenna

SkyLink® Airborne Directional Antenna

2x2, 4x4 MIMO and Dual COFDM Airborne Radio Transceivers DO160 Certified

Transceiver /Controller COFDM | MIMO