TouchStar Master Router TNS3000

Communicate with up to eight master controllers and more than thirty unique devices simultaneously

The TNS3000 is a high-speed network server modem chassis.  It is a TouchStar™ system hub that shifts the burden of remote site control away from a single master controller to a distributed architecture.  It houses the modem cards and enables control of any number of remote sites simultaneously through diverse communication paths.

The Windows embedded OS and powerful 400 MHz AMD MIPS processor guarantee that the system is highly stable and can adapt to future site or system growth.  The TNS3000 provides a host of options to meet the diversity and complexity of today’s communication paths such as: Ethernet, dial-up, RS-232/422, and 2/4-wire leased lines.

  • Capable of connections to multiple or networked masters controlling multiple receive sites
  • Suitable for mixed-communications environments
  • Supports an unlimited number of receive sites via Ethernet
  • Very reliable data network hub
  • Spectrum viewer options