IP Stream Monitor - IPM2000

Create self-healing ethernet data links

network IP packet monitor
  • Display and monitor IP transport streams for packet and network anomalies: (lost packets, jitter, delay, stream faults and collisions)

  • Dual HDMI video decoder capable of displaying and monitoring two channels

    Troll’s IPM2000 is designed to identify and manage network anomalies. With Troll’s IP Stream Monitors at both ends of the link the IPM2000 can ingest a redundant transport stream to correct many of the errors commonly occurring over IP networks.

    Video Display

    Like Troll’s ESP product, the IPM’s decoder displays video in full HD resolution 1080/60 via HDMI or down converts the signal to composite video.
  • Real-time display of transport stream errors (packet loss, jitter, delay, stream faults and collisions)
  • Ability to create self-healing data links
  • Display up to two channels on one monitor
  • User selectable resolutions up to 1080/60
  • Support for unicast UDP,RTP or multi-cast reception and retransmission
  • Optional DVR