Tactical Data Links and Ground Data Terminals

Two to Eight Channel OFDM, COFDM DVB-T, TCDLs, CDLs, TDMA, MIMO, TAC., 466, Analog FM

multi-band tracking antennas

Troll Systems' mobile tracking antennas the MT-300, SkyLink Mini series and diversity antenna systems incorporate Troll's unique air-to-ground tracking methods in a variety of form-factors. These systems automatically locate and lock on to transmission signals under highly mobile conditions to provide stable, long-range video data links. Depending on the model, Troll's unique tracking capabilities enable our antennas to maintain the highest quality air-to-ground signal reception by continuously updating their point-to-position even when both platforms are moving rapidly.

Troll antennas make it possible to:

  • Evaluate the availability and location of the radio frequency emitters
  • Extend the range and reliability of video and data from unmanned aircraft, ground or marine vehicles

Designed to provide “hands-off” operation while consistently maintaining maximum reception range and reliability, Troll’s auto-tracking, high-gain antennas support secure radio waveforms and network topologies for defense and civilian applications while eliminating integration and operational complexity.

  • Receive perfect images from your airborne assets while stationary or moving
  • Minimal operator intervention required, simply select the receive channel.
  • Two to eight-channel diversity configurations
  • Up to quad-band tracking UHF-Ku tested to over 420km
  • Bidirectional configurations with high-gain signal tracking
  • Auto-acquisition of airborne assets
  • Improved signal reception in crowded RF environments
  • Evaluating the availability and location of the radio frequency emitters in the surrounding environment
  • Rapid deployment in forward operational areas
  • Easy to deploy IP networks
  • GPS auto-positioning and locating
  • Operation in GPS denied environments
  • Airborne, terrestrial and marine variants

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Tactical Tracking Antennas and Ground Data Terminals - MT Series Bidirectional Ground Control Stations

MT antennas support multiple bands, including UHF, L, S, C, X and Ku, and are available in single to quad-band configurations. The antennas are radio-agnostic and will track any analog or digital waveform. MT’s receive and transmit energy in highly directional narrow beam widths; improving signal range and reliability, while minimizing the influence of interference or jamming signals.

  • Long-Range Mobile Antenna System
  • Maximize Data Link Range
  • Improve Reliability
  • Increase Bit-Rate
  • Automate Aircraft Tracking and Acquisition 
  • Single to Quad-Band Capable
  • 300 MHz to 18 GHz