UHF to Ku


Modern unidirectional video links rely on DVB-T digital transmission to send a single digital video stream from an aircraft to a ground station. Each transmission channel requires 8MHz bandwidth. Typical transmitters first “encode” the video signal using an MPEG2 or MPEG4 video encoder. “One-way” audio and data can also be added. To minimize errors in the transmission, forward error correction is used to send extra coded data to the ground receiver to improve recovery of any partially corrupted transmissions. In addition many of Troll’s customers encrypt their data prior to transmission to prevent unwanted reception by unauthorized users.

Troll Systems

Troll Systems is a market leader in providing long-range, Ethernet/IP based data links and intelligent tracking antennas for ISR, airborne law enforcement and commercial broadcast ENG systems.  Troll data links provide robust, high-speed connections between airborne and ground assets and support a variety of secure radio waveforms and network topologies for defense and civilian applications.  Troll’s automated, high performance tracking antenna systems have been proven to increase range and improve throughput from airborne and mobile terrestrial platforms that include rotary, fixed wing, and maritime systems.

Bidirectional Communication 2

Troll designs directional tracking antennas, transceiver systems and control software from UHF to Ka Bands