MicroLink® Software Defined Mission Payload Controller

Dual-Transceivers, Antenna and Payload Controller with Embedded Nvidia Supercomputer and Dual-Carrier LTE 

software defined radio

Troll’s MicroLink® is a software defined, multi-band mission payload controller. It integrates an extraordinary range of modems, sensors, video processing capabilities, power distribution and data management into a high-performance airborne data terminal. MicroLink provides a complete bidirectional transceiver system that incorporates an unprecedented array of communication options. Its onboard supercomputer expedites image processing and introduces the ability identify and track objects on 3D maps or sensor images.

Supercomputer Module

The MicroLink employes a 64-bit, low-power, high-performance Nvidia supercomputer that provides accelerated video encoding, decoding and image control. With access to over one teraflop of system processing capacity it delivers highly accurate and efficient performance that requires less than 15W of system power.

The Definition of Future Proof 

MicroLink’s standard software supports bidirectional transmitters and receivers that combine two DVB-T modulators and two DVB-T demodulators. The MicroLink operates in multiple bands from 1.2GHz to 7GHz, depending on mission requirements. Output power is +33dBm with transmission bandwidths from 2Mhz to 16Mhz and supports data rates up to 40Mbps. Extremely efficient, MicroLink can operate at a sustained maximum data rate to within 5% of your link margin while maintaining end-to-end latency under 100ms.

Ethernet Switch and Router

The MicroLink incorporates a fully managed 100/1000 Ethernet switch and router. This provides a network managed hub that connects to onboard payloads.

3D Mapping

The MicroLink® can support onboard 3D mapping. Used in conjunction with software defined video processing, object detection, object tracking and map annotation, MicroLink can provide enhanced image intelligence that extends to the edge of the operation.

Defining the Future of Image Intelligence:

  • Embedded Nvidia SuperComputer
  • Multi-Band, High-Speed Transceiver
  • Dual-Carrier LTE Modem
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Modem
  • 100/1000 Ethernet Switch and Router
  • Video | Audio | Data Management Control Multiple Transport Streams
  • HD-SDI Video I/O to 4K
  • Software Defined Video Processing Object Identification and Tracking
  • On-board Mapping Systems Compatibility
  • Data Rate up to 40Mbps
  • Standard Encryption AES 128/256 with Bcrypt
  • SDI video inputs with H.265, H.264 and Mpeg2 encoding


ISR sensors - EO/IR - Infrared - SWIR short wave infrared - LIDAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar