Transceiver, Supercomputer and Data Link Payload Controller in Airborne Configurations

Airborne Transmission, Reception and Sensor Payload Control Systems for Multi-Band ISR - 300MHz to 28GHz

Troll manufactures high performance IP based airborne transmission systems capable of dual-band modulation / demodulation and multi-stream image processing. Current systems incorporate supercomputer accelerated encoding, decoding and encryption that enables ISR missions to deliver actionable intelligence to strategic, operational and tactical levels in less than 100ms.

    Troll’s airborne systems provide complete bidirectional transmission systems that include:

  • Multi-port Ethernet switching and routing
  • Full control of mapping protocols
  • Supercomputer accelerated encoding, decoding and encryption
  • Waypoint creation and selection
  • Multi-port SDI I/O video to 4k
  • Tactical or commercial microwave transceivers
  • Transmit and receive antennas
  • Video, processing and monitoring
  • Audio control and monitoring
  • Stabilized cameras and custom payloads
  • Intuitive diagnostics and test software