2GHz - 2.5GHz Central Receiver DVB-T COFDM Compliant with Embedded Remote Antenna Controller

ASI Output - Network Managed UDP Video Streaming with Remote Site Controller over Ethernet

2GHz BAS Broadcast Receiver

Troll’s DMR2000 Central Receiver provides DVB-T, COFDM demodulation and decoding. These network receivers are designed to extend the life of legacy broadcast infrastructure by providing IP and serial connectivity with remote control. A modern replacement for BAS era 2GHz broadcast receivers, Troll has included remote and local control for third party equipment while maintaining a direct connection to older steerable antennas.

The DMR2000’s front panel touchscreen provides an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) for local HDMI video and audio preview, control and monitoring of antennas, data link transmission and system test. Its modern design incorporates the latest networking technology, with extensive packet-level diagnostics to ensure uninterrupted HD video streams arrive at master control intact. Its Linux operating system delivers remarkable performance while providing an Ethernet compatible platform for delivering encrypted HD video and data over IP.

The Receiver/Controller provides advanced communications options: Ethernet, serial, dial-up as well as legacy 2 wire and 4 wire circuits if necessary.

Like all Troll equipment, the central receiver is designed to be rugged and reliable for years of service in adverse environments. Careful attention to design and manufacturing assures performance and reliability, especially in highly saturated RF environments that are commonly found around remote ENG, cellular and urban roof top antenna sites.

  • UDP streaming video over Ethernet
  • ASI output
  • Live video and audio preview with touchscreen control
  • MPEG 2 (4:2:2) and H.264 (4:2:2) decoding
  • AES 128 or 256 decryption
  • 2 HDMI outputs
  • Eight-port Ethernet switch
  • Control multiple devices over Ethernet
  • Includes spectrum viewer
  • Numerous communications options
  • Optional X750 parallel tracking antenna interface
  • Optional NAVTrack-locate and track ENG aircraft
Mount Wilson home to Los Angeles television broadcasters since 1947