Diversity and Tactical Receivers with Embedded Data Link and Antenna Control

Two to Eight Channel Receiver with DVB-T Demodulation, ASI and Ethernet Decoding for Remote Controlled Antenna Sites, Handheld Video Decoders and Mobile Ground Data Terminals

As diversity antenna sites become more commonplace Troll developed the DMR series of multi-channel diversity receivers that combine DVB-T demodulation, Ethernet decoding, remote site test and control. This successful pairing of technologies enables customers to remotely operate up to eight antennas simultaneously. To improve signal quality and ensure uninterrupted reception across multiple panels, Troll's diversity receivers incorporate Maximal Ratio Combining and packet switching software.

    DVB-T demodulation with built-in Ethernet decoding

    Provides secure Ethernet transport streams from remote sites to control centers

    Provides local decoding and preview of audio and video

  • Two to eight input diversity configurations
  • Maximal Ratio Combining and packet switching
  • Outputs to ASI and Ethernet
  • Audio control and monitoring
  • Encoding, decoding and encryption
  • Built-in packet level diagnostics and network test features
  • Available in tactical configurations for onsite decoding and antenna control