UHF to Ku


Today we all expect real-time data and video streamed on-demand to everything from our hand-held devices to our desktop. Troll's bidirectional data link transceivers operate as an Ethernet gateway between the air and ground systems. Data, including “video over IP” can be routed between the aircraft and ground system the same as any node on a network. It stands to reason that aircraft operations would greatly benefit from a transparent data link where the operators (and sensors) on the aircraft remain connected to their command center with a fully bidirectional data link. It would be as if a network cable was routed to the aircraft. Both forward error correction and “hand-shaking” can be employed for data reliability. Data can also be encrypted prior to transmission to prevent eavesdropping.

Troll Systems

Troll Systems is a market leader in providing long-range, transceiver systems, Ethernet/IP based data links and intelligent tracking antennas for ISR systems.  Troll data links provide robust, high-speed connections between airborne and ground assets and support a variety of secure radio waveforms and network topologies for defense applications.  Troll’s automated, high performance tracking antenna systems have been proven to increase range and improve throughput from airborne and terrestrial platforms; including manned and unmanned rotary and fixed wing aircraft, ground vehicles and maritime systems.

Bidirectional Communication 2

Troll designs directional tracking antennas, transmission and control systems from UHF to Ka bands