Troll Systems’ 3D Prints an Exponentially Tapered
Wide Band SkyLink® Antenna - Covering C to Ku
Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Metal Printing)


Ultra-Wide X Band Directional Antenna – 5GHz to 13GHz

Gain, radiation pattern and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) are the three variables that determine an antenna’s performance. As the data link experts, Troll Systems’ is continually looking for ways to deliver increased antenna performance and efficiencies. This is particularly true for airborne applications where size, weight and range can all be critical factors.

The introduction of metal additive manufacturing, a 3D printing process, allows our antenna design team to develop highly directional antennas and perfectly balanced, single piece metal assemblies. Additionally, these ultra-wide band antennas include complex lattices that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive for CNC milling. This enables Troll to optimize power, efficiency, bandwidth and gain faster and more affordably than ever before.

Using direct metal laser sintering to sculpt specialized antennas we’ve produced high gain, wide-band antennas that minimize losses.

The new quad-ridged exponentially tapered X band antenna for the SkyLink® Mini produces mid-band gain of nearly 20dBi, AZ and EL beamwidths of less than 25° and exceptional impedance matching resulting in a VSWR of ≤ 2:1 across frequencies from 5 to 13.0 GHz. It consists of four ridges that are capable of producing vertical, horizontal, right and left circular polarizations. This topology provides a smooth transition from the waveguide impedance 50 Ohms to the free space impedance 377 Ohms. This ability to evolve systems optimized for ultra-wide band applications, long-range and advanced radio technologies enables Troll to deliver customized air-to-ground wireless video and data link solutions.

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Ultra-Wide-Band Directional Antenna C band to Ku