LinkBox II - Multi-Band, Multi-Waveform Transceivers

Win NTIA Stage 4 Operational Certification

NTIA -National Telecommunications and Information Administration


LinkBox 2 – Airborne Transceiver

October 2020 – Troll’s SkyLink® – LinkBox II is certified Stage 4, Operational by the NTIA -National Telecommunications and Information Administration. A division of the US Department of Commerce, the NTIA’s review of Troll’s LinkBox II began more than a year ago and included the evaluation of Frequency Availability, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC), and Service Priority for Radiocommunications (TSP-R). With regulatory assessments complete, and operational status authorized, commissioning of Troll Systems’ multi-band, multi-waveform LinkBox transceivers are currently underway.

NTIA Stage 4 certification ensures that:

    • Each system will neither cause nor receive harmful interference to or from other authorized users when placed in their intended operational environments.
    • An examination of the existing systems in specified frequency bands has been completed.
    • Compliance with the Emergency Planning Subcommittee (EPS), National Security and Emergency Planning (NSEP), Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (SPS) and the TSP-R (spectrum use priority) meets all federal requirements with the full participation from the FCC.
    • Review and assessment of the EMI/EMC and frequency availability for telecommunication systems, e.g. LinkBox II has been evaluated for environmental compliance by the SPS.

The SPS is supported by NTIA and ensures NTIA operational Stage 4 radio frequency system certifications:

      • Comply with prevailing standards and sharing criteria.
      • Predict the degree of EMI/EMC in the environment.
      • Utilize radio spectrum efficiently.
      • Consider system modification or alternatives to accommodate stations already operating in specified frequency bands. And, when necessary, offer technical solutions for systems that conflict with regional spectrum requirements.

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