US patented directional diversity multi-band tracking antenna

Troll Systems, Corporation is awarded a US patent #8,816,933 B2 for Directional Diversity ground antennas.


patented diversity antenna

The first of its kind, Troll’s A600 ground-based antenna system revolutionized microwave communications with the introduction of Directional Diversity RF asset tracking with high-gain directional transmit and receive systems. Used primarily to extend range, automate operation and improve accuracy, Troll’s air-to-ground transmission systems use diversity antenna arrays and GPS telemetry data to accurately track air, land and sea vehicles without operator intervention. This automated process, enables Troll’s A600 and other Troll antennas to provide automated signal tracking and Ethernet processing over extreme distances, even if GPS data is interrupted.

These air-to-ground microwave transmission systems ensure long-range, robust transmission systems that far surpass industry standards for design and functionality. Extremely accurate and efficient, Troll’s Directional Diversity systems are designed to take maximum advantage of diversity antennas arrays by enabling RF transmission energy to track aircraft location, altitude and heading while allowing the high-gain antenna on the ground to peek on the center of a moving signal.

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Directional Diversity Tracking Antennas US patent #8,816,933 B2