Wireless Microwave Transmitter, Receiver and Data Link Controller

Multi-Band, Unidirectional or Bidirectional Microwave Airborne Transmission and Reception Systems from 300MHz to 18GHz

The industry standard for controlling multi-band airborne radios, transmission, reception and data links.

    Troll’s airborne systems provide power to, and control of, complete air-to-ground data links including:

  • Multi-port Ethernet switching and routing
  • Full control mapping protocols for Aero and Churchill
  • Waypoint creation and selection
  • Multi-port inputs and outputs including HDMI
  • Tactical and commercial microwave radios
  • Transmit and receive antennas
  • Video, processing and monitoring
  • Audio control and monitoring
  • Stabilized cameras and custom payloads
  • Intuitive diagnostics and test software 
  • Encoding, decoding and encryption