Tracking Antenna and Transceiver

Transmit and Receive in Up to Four Frequency Bands - UHF to Ku

The AX3000 is a high-gain directional antenna and transceiver system capable of automatic calibration, acquisition and tracking. Designed primarily to link aircraft with ground nodes, AX3000 antennas represent a state of the art in size, weight and gain for long-range LoS links.

Radio agnostic, the AX3000 relies on Troll’s patented RF acquisition and tracking software, accurate pan/tilt mechanisms and embedded positioning sensors to ensure pointing accuracy. Its solid-state INS and dual-GPS auto-aligns position and orientation in three dimensions without operator input.

Fully weatherized radome suitable for demanding environments including marine and coastal installations. Power and data is provided by a single cable for AC/DC power, serial, Ethernet video and data.

Standard AX3000 systems include a MicroLink® transceiver. MicroLink® provides DVB-T COFDM, OFDM and FDD multi-band transmit and receive capability from 1.4 to 7 GHz. Other radio waveforms MANET – MIMO and CDLs can be embedded or remotely connected to cable lengths up to 30 meters.

AC/DC Power inputs: 22-32 VDC or 80-240 VAC
Environmental compliance Mil-STD 810 H – Method 508.5 Salt Fog.
Lightweight carbon fiber design with a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).

  • Automatic Alignment, Calibration
    Acquisition and Tracking
  • Built-in INS/DGPS for auto-calibration
  • High data rates
  • Operational in GPS Denied Environments
  • Network-aware common user interface
  • Ethernet and serial interfaces
  • Continuously rotating, pan and tilt
  • Lightweight carbon fiber design w/ low CTE
  • Certified Mil-STD 810 H – Method 508.5
  • Intuitive touchscreen GUI controller
  • CoT/MISB/KLV/ROVER/NEMA metadata
  • Resists jamming and interference
  • ITAR free


AX3000 Marine Tracking Antenna and Multi-Band Transceiver

for Manned, Unmanned Aircraft and Surface Vehicles - UHF to Ku

80% of the world’s population lives within 100 km of a coastline. Manned and unmanned aircraft are routinely called upon for search and rescue, intelligence gathering, coastal sovereignty and homeland security.

Ideally suited to connect aircraft surveillance from naval platforms, the AX3000 automatically tracks high bitrate video and data links even when satellite position, navigation and timing data / GPS is unavailable.

Precision radio tracking, dependable operation and dynamically balanced systems ensure accuracy and control in demanding marine domains.

Operating in these environments require mitigating the effects of temperature, humidity, pressure and salt/fog. In particular, these systems require corrosive resistant materials and environmentally sealed enclosures. On land or sea AX3000 tracking antenna are equipped with high-proficiency mechanical systems and automated software to maintain continuous operation, reliable positioning, navigation, and timing even in GPS denied environments.

Resists Jamming and Interference
Designed for Demanding Environments
  • Operating Temperature: -40 °C to +55 °C
  • Environmental compliance Mil-STD 810 H – Method 508.5 Salt Fog
  • Lightweight carbon fiber design with a low coefficient of thermal expansion.



MTX Series - Auto-Tracking Antenna with Transceiver

Transmit and Receive in Multiple Frequencies

Troll’s tactical tracking antennas maximize the range and reliability of air-to-ground video and data from manned and unmanned air, and ground vehicles. MTX antennas are easy to operate, automatically locating and tracking RF signals effortlessly.

Available in four different sizes these systems feature high-gain reflectors, multi-band SDR transceivers and automated control systems. Easy to deploy, operate and maintain MTX antennas have been proven in extreme tactical situations and challenging radio frequency environments.

An edge-computing processor, quick connect active and passive modules allow customers to directly control the MTX using their transceiver. This ensures that Troll’s tracking software and 3rd party applications deliver low latency, long range TX/RX with improved reliability, stability and interoperability with customer furnished radios.

  • Auto: alignment, calibration, acquisition and tracking
  • Built-in INS/DGPS
  • Single to quad-band configurations
  • High data rates
  • Extraordinary range
  • Ethernet and serial interface
  • Heavy-duty continuous rotating pan and tilt
  • Intuitive touchscreen GUI controller
  • Integrated edge processor
  • Quick connect active and passive system modules
  • Resists jamming and interference
  • Efficient, network aware common user interface
  • Modular design requires no tools to setup or dismantle
  • IP64 rated
  • ITAR free
Radio agnostic active modules: MicroLink SDR – FDD: COFDM, OFDM, CDLs, MANET/MIMO

Radio agnostic modules: MicroLink SDR – FDD: COFDM, OFDM, CDLs, MANET/MIMO

Tactical tracking antenna available in four reflector sizes

Four reflector sizes – 3′ (0.9m) to 6′ (1.83m)
Segmented 4 foot parabolic

ISR tracking systems for manned or unmanned fixed and rotor-wing aircraft

Proven long-range, ISR tracking systems for manned or unmanned fixed and rotor-wing aircraft




Tactical Tracking and c2isr Data Links

Systems for Rugged Terrain and Marine Environments

  • Radio-agnostic
  • Dual-GPS ± 0.15° accuracy
  • High-performance, multi-sensor, embedded INS
  • Accurate heading and orientation in 3-axis
  • Edge-computing processor allows 3rd party transceiver control
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Suitable for salt/fog environments
  • Automatic locating and tracking
  • Open-source Ethernet
  • Remote control PC application
On to Move tactical tracking antenna. Long-range, ISR tracking of manned or unmanned fixed and rotor-wing aircraft

Quick-connect active and passive system modules

Troll’s ground antennas maximize data link range and reliability. They provide automatic acquisition and tracking in multiple frequencies from UHF to Ku.

Radio solutions include Troll’s MicroLink® SDR or customer specified radios: CDLs or MIMO. An intelligent antenna, MiniGS is capable of simultaneously tracking multiple constellations while continuously solving for heading to within ±0.15°.

The GS is equipped with an edge-computing processor that allows users to directly control the antenna, eliminating the need for Troll’s PCC remote control application. With its powerful onboard computer, the Mini GS enables Troll’s auto-tracking software and third-party applications to deliver high-capacity, long-range transmission with low latency. It also boasts improved reliability, stability, and interoperability with customer-supplied transceivers, making it highly effective even in harsh conditions and contested operational areas. During US Army field tests, the Mini GS outperformed its competitors and gained industry-wide recognition for its advanced GPS-denied tracking technologies. Powered by Cyclops, it effortlessly establishes and defends high-bit-rate data links over long distances and in challenging radio environments.



The SkyLink Mini was originally designed for a General Atomics unmanned MALE aircraft used in the search for Osama bin Laden.

SkyLink® Mini Directional Antenna

DO-160 certified and thoroughly tested these antennas simplify long-range aircraft tracking and c2isr. Often found on special mission airborne and ground vehicles, SkyLink Mini provides exceptional range and signal performance in the most demanding applications.

This is particularly true in conflict zones where saturated radio frequency environments, signal jamming and GPS denial are more commonplace.

Mini supports frequencies from L band to Ku, wide band, ultra-wide band and multi-band antennas for a variety of radio modulations: CDL, FDD, DVB-T COFDM, OFDM, and MANET/MIMO mesh networks.

  • DO-160 certified
  • Self-calibrating
  • Automatic locating and tracking
  • Simultaneous dual-frequency or dual-polarization
  • Maximize coverage and range
  • Improve spectrum efficiency
  • Increase bit-rate
  • Precision INS / GPS
  • 1.2 GHz to 18 GHz
  • Operational in GPS denied environments
  • Resists jamming and interference
  • Reuse spectrum even in saturated RF environments
  • Radio agnostic FDD – CDLs, DVB-T, MANET/MIMO



Airborne coding of ISR sensor images and synthetic processing: EO/IR – SWIR  – LIDAR – Synthetic Aperture Radar

MicroLink® Software Defined Radio

Multi-Stream, Multi-Spectral Sensor Payload and IMINT Video Processing

MicroLink® is a software defined, multi-band airborne transceiver and mission payload controller. Designed to provide a flexible radio platform for imagery intelligence and automated c2, MicroLink® integrates an extraordinary range of modems, sensors and video processing capabilities. Found in many of our airborne and ground tracking products MicroLink® is fully automated, network or remote controlled. Its 64-bit, high-performance supercomputer accelerates encoding, decoding and encryption. Lightweight and efficient, MicroLink® requires less than 20W of onboard system power.

Its fully regulated 250W power management and distribution system provides 12VDC and 28VDC outputs. Each I/O allows for independent monitoring, switching and remote control of fully duplexed video data links and external payload devices.

  • Embedded Nvidia supercomputer
  • Software defined, multi-band, high-speed transceiver
  • Dual-carrier LTE modem
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi modem
  • 100/1000 Ethernet switch and router
  • Video, audio and data management
  • Control multiple transport streams
  • Surge protected 250W power management
  • Video capture 3 x HD inputs
  • Software defined video processing
  • Object identification and tracking
  • Built-in DVR
  • Full Motion Video (FMV) MISB – KLV

Size: 3” x 2” x 8” (7.6cm x 5cm x 20cm)
Weight: 2lbs (0.9 kg)
Temperature: -40° to +70°C

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