Tactical Data Links - UHF to Ka up to a Range of 225nmi

Situational awareness and image intelligence to the edge of the operation

Troll Systems designs bidirectional tracking systems and C4ISR data networks. These systems rely on ultra high-gain, airborne and ground tracking antennas, multi-band tactical transceivers to gather process and disseminate IMINT (Imagery Intelligence) over secure networks or ad hoc wireless ones.

These systems automate robust reception and asset tracking utilizing accelerated encoding, decoding and encryption to ensure secure transmissions and reception in real-time.

These unique aircraft and ground stations become nodes on secure IP networks. In an aircraft for instance, you can connect any Ethernet device: mapping, searchlights, cameras, laptops and other sensor suites. Meanwhile, the highly directional nature of Troll's transmission equipment provides innate resistance to jamming and interference to enable actionable intelligence to reach all tactical levels, even in saturated RF environments.

  • SkyLink auto-tracking airborne antennas
  • Bidirectional DVB-T, CTDLs or MIMO
  • High-Gain mobile tracking antennas
  • Airborne IP transmission systems
  • Software defined airborne payload controller
  • Transmission systems that resist jamming or interference 

Global Reach

To date, our systems have gained woldwide acceptance as affordable and agile C4ISR infrastructure. Currently our systems are deployed in a variety of domestic, international and warfighting environments.