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C4ISR - Airborne and Ground Tracking Data Links - Secure IP Video and Data Networks 

The Advantages of Long-Range Video and Data Transceiver Systems

Airborne ISR sensor suites are capable of generating massive amounts of real-time data. Onboard an aircraft Troll's multi-band mission payload controllers integrate an extraordinary range of modems, sensors, video processing, power distribution and data management. These high-performance airborne data terminals provide single or dual-channel transceivers and incorporate advanced image processing capabilities. An embedded supercomputer accelerates encoding, decoding and encryption while making it possible to identify and track objects on maps or sensor imagery. This onboard capacity vastly improves video quality and its corresponding exploitation value.

IP Networked Command and Control

Mobile command centers, tactical personnel and commanders anywhere on the network can access airborne sensor data in a matter of milliseconds. These high-bit-rate systems can be configured to transmit Ethernet data streams up to fifty megabits per second over your entire operational area. Enough throughput to transmit high-resolution encrypted EO/IR video, sensor images, multi-stream computer files, GPS and meta-data in real-time. Simple to operate Troll IP transcoding and transport streams automatically optimize data into a variety of conventional or user specified formats. This real-time video and data guarantees immediacy and enables situational awareness and image intelligence across the entire operation.

These Processes Ensure:

SkyLink IP
  • Real-time decision making
  • Improved ISR outcomes
  • Reduced mission costs
  • High-quality SDI video I/O resolutions to 4k 
  • Object detection, object tracking on maps and sensor images
  • Supercomputer accelerated video encoding, decoding and image control
  • Imagery intelligence to the edge of the operation