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Airborne and Ground Tracking Antenna Systems - Secure IP Video and Data to Smart Devices

The Advantages of Real-Time Video and Data Transmission

Airborne ISR sensor suites are capable of generating massive amounts of real-time data. Onboard DVRs lack immediacy and are unable to enhance mission outcomes as they are unfolding. Troll's real-time aerial surveillance platforms can continuously transmit secure, high-bit-rate, HD video and data to assets on the ground.

IP Networked Command and Control

Mobile command centers, tactical personnel and commanders anywhere on the network can access airborne sensor data in a matter of milliseconds. These systems can be configured for multi-megabit Ethernet data streams to fifty megabits per second over your entire operational area. Enough throughput to transmit high-resolution encrypted EO/IR video, multi-stream computer files, GPS and meta-data in real-time. Simple to operate Troll IP transcoding and transport streams automatically optimize data into a variety of conventional or user specified formats. This real-time video and data guarantees immediacy and enables commanders to apply actionable intelligence across their entire operation.

These Processes Ensure:

SkyLink IP
  • Timely decision making
  • Improved ISR outcomes
  • Reduced mission costs
  • Automatic HD video and data back-ups to redundant ground-based storage for secure exploitation