Airborne Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue

Interoperable Airborne and Ground Tracking Systems - Unidirectional or Bidirectional Communications

Air-to-Ground Ethernet Data Links

For the last three decades Troll Systems has been an innovative leader in the development of video and data link solutions for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Troll Systems provides future-proof mission equipment that automates air and ground, bidirectional transmission systems over encrypted microwave, Ethernet and LTE networks.

Onboard the aircraft, Troll’s Network LinkBox II manages the entire data link, seamlessly integrating with onboard mapping and cameras to minimize the TFO’s work load. Completing the link, Troll's airborne tracking antenna the SkyLink Mini has become an industry standard for maximizing range, reliability and signal strength.

Troll Systems' products:

  • Increase range by directing transmissions into narrow high-energy beams
  • Resist jamming and interference while improving performance
  • Make it possible to reuse and re-allocate frequency in saturated RF environments
  • Ideal for airborne ISR from rotorcraft, high-speed turboprops or very light jets

Ground-to-Air Ethernet Data Terminals

For ground applications Troll’s IP receivers connect airborne, tactical and command personnel to your network in real-time. These systems enhance legacy infrastructure while providing a path to expand coverage, improve connectivity and enhance interoperability.

And like all Troll products, standard and extended OEM factory warrantees are supported by thirty years of customer service and commitment.