UHF Dual-Polarized Omni Directional Marine Antenna

Dual-Polarized Marine Antennas Supporting Multiple Transmit and Receive Frequencies from 300MHz to 900MHz

multi-band tactical tracking antenna systems
  • Dual-polarity in a single enclosure
  • Mil-STD-901D rated antenna
  • IP65 survivability certification
  • Various mounting options
  • Optimized within elevation bandwidths
  • Multiple bands available

The marine domain has become an increasingly important military theater for surveillance aircraft. Troll Systems' has developed, tested and deployed new dual-polarized omni-directional antennas certified to withstand shock, salt corrosion, water intrusion and operate at extremely high or low temperatures.

Troll’s dual-polarized omnidirectional antennas are comprised of two elements, a vertically polarized coaxial sleeve dipole and a horizontally polarized turnstile slot. Combined in a marine qualified, solid enclosure, and tested to Mil-S-901D, each enclosure is engineered to meet an IP65 standard that guarantees optimum survivability even in the most demanding marine environments.


Antenna Characteristics UHF Band
Vertically Polarized Coaxial Sleeve Dipole 400MHz - 450MHz
Horizontally Polarized Turnstile Slot 400MHz - 450MHz
Gain: 2.0dBi