AX3000 Marine Tracking Antenna

All-Weather, Multi-Band, High-Gain, Auto-Tracking Antenna with Embedded Transceiver - UHF to Ku

High-Gain Multi-Band Marine Tracking Antenna

Troll Systems’ AX3000 high-gain, marinized tracking antenna is IP66 certified. AX3000 tracking antenna's maximize the range and reliability of air-to-sea video and data from manned and unmanned airborne and surface vehicles. Power and data for the AX3000 are provided over a single cable connection allowing either AC or DC power sources and Serial or Ethernet data connectivity. The AX3000 utilizes Troll’s patented RF tracking processes, and are radio agnostic - allowing for multi-band operation at frequencies from UHF to Ku-Band. Support is provided for a variety of radio waveforms including CDL, TCDL, DVB-T COFDM, Multi-stream MIMO OFDM. Radio solutions can embedded or remotely connected via RF cable lengths up to 30 meters.

AX3000 antennas are easy to operate, automatically locating and tracking RF signals in up to four bands simultaneously.   The AX3000 combines dual-GPS and an embedded INS capable of maintaining dynamic heading and orientation in azimuth, elevation, pitch and roll. These systems take advantage of a highly accurate, multi-sensor MEMS based inertial navigation system and DGPS to automatically optimize tracking performance regardless of the surrounding sea conditions.

The antenna’s multi-axis gimbal and high-capability inertial navigation automatically orients, calibrates and maintains tracking integrity even in GPS denied environments. Unlike most tracking antennas the AX3000 is capable of auto-aligning the position and orientation of the antenna's boresight without operator input. Its INS relies on the multiple sensor types and DGPS to determine in real-time location and orientation in three-dimensions. The INS/DGPS combines 3-axis accelerometers, gyros, magnetometers, a barometric pressure sensor, two GNSS receivers, and a low-power micro-processor embedded in a fully weatherized assembly. Each system is designed to provide 100% availability and can rely on Troll’s patented RF tracking software, its radio encoders and “home” position data to orient the azimuth and elevation to the antenna’s boresight. In GPS denied environments the user can manually apply offsets via the RFE modem software to reestablish pedestal orientation. Once applied the “auto-boresight” will “fine-tune” AX3000 alignment and continue to dynamically maintain its position and pointing accuracy until GPS is restored.

  • Auto-Alignment, Calibration, Acquisition& Tracking
  • RF tracking options
  • COT/KLV601/ROVER/NEMA tracking data compatible
  • RF jamming and interference resistant
  • Supports high data rate links
  • Suitable for salt/fog environments
  • Highly configurable and scalable
  • Ethernet and serial interfaces
  • Built-in precision Dual-GPS/INS
  • Weatherized continuous rotating, pan and tilt
  • AC/DC Power inputs
  • ITAR Free

AX3000 Marine Tracking Antenna Specifications

Frequency UHF Optional L Band S Band C Band Upper C KU Band
Gain (mid-band) 10.0 dBi 15.5 dBi 20.5 dBi 27.0 dBi 30.0 dBi 37.0 dBi
HPBW (EL)° +/- 36° +/- 16° +/- 11° +/- 7.0° +/- 6.0° +/- 2.0°
HPBW (AZ)° +/- 22° +/- 8.0° +/- 6.0° +/- 3.0° +/- 2.5° +/- 1.5°
Polarization Vertical/Hoz Vertical/Hoz Vertical/Hoz Vertical/Hoz Vertical/Hoz Vertical/Hoz

Specifications subject to change without notice.