Marine Tracking Antennas - Multi-Band, Dual-Band or Dual-Polarized

Featuring Dual-GPS and Embedded Inertial Navigation System (INS)

Troll’s newest tracking antennas incorporate dual-GPS, embedded INS and patented radio frequency tracking technology to improve accuracy and maintain signal lock even in GPS denied environments. Self-calibration, stand-alone positioning; heading, pitch, roll and elevation are independent of onboard navigation equipment eliminating the need to connect to existing GPS or gyrocompasses. This minimizes complexity, simplifies installation and reduces costs.

All of Troll’s marine antennas have undergone testing and certification in demanding marine and terrestrial domains and feature ruggedized gears and enhanced, multi-axis positioning software to ensure accurate performance in challenging environments.

With nearly 80% of the world’s population living within 100km of a coastline, security, surveillance and special missions have redefined the marine domain. As a consequence, highly maneuverable combat and coastal patrol vessels are increasingly saught after to provide littoral superiority and homeland defense. These platforms are routinely called upon to gather intelligence from manned and unmanned airborne, marine and ground assets operating in their line of sight and beyond.

Troll’s Long-Range Marine Antennas Are

  • Survivability tested and certified
  • Provide antenna gain: up to 36dBi
  • Easy to install
  • IP66 certification salt/fog environments
  • Auto-locating and automatic tracking
  • Open-source Ethernet controlled
  • Frequencies UHF to Ku Bands
  • Multi-band up to quad-band capable
  • Can maintain signal-lock in GPS denied environments