TrollScan Ultra-High-Gain ENG Tracking Antenna

Optional dual-polarization for high-bit-rate MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) communications systems

High Gain Tracking Antenna

Troll’s TrollScan Antenna System incorporates a 4ft cosecant squared reflector for high-quality digital ENG receive sites. TrollScan provides the gain necessary to maximize range, ensure signal isolation and optimize frequency re-utilization.

A modern implementation of an “old-school” design, TrollScan’s are simple, rugged and built to provide the highest performance in demanding physical and RF environments.

TrollScan antennas can support dual-rotary joints, which allow for simultaneous dual-band or dual-polarized operation. The dual-polarized option is the only way to realize the high-bit-rates offered by MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) communications systems. TrollScan’s orthogonally polarized beams can either double the data rate or provide two-channel diversity that increases the link’s robustness. 

  • Dual-band or dual-polarization
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Highly accurate positioning system
  • Powerful direct drive motor
  • High dynamic range LNA/BDC
  • 4ft cosecant squared reflector
  • Backward compatibility with ProScan II control cable
Antenna Characteristics Type 4’ Cosecant Parabolic UHF Band L Band S Band Lower C Upper C Ku Band
Mid-Band: 460MHz 1.8 GHz 2.3 GHz 4.4 GHz 6.5 GHz 14 GHz
Antenna Gain: 11.4dBi 24 dBi 26 dBi 34 dBi 36 dBi 46 dBi