Mobile Antenna and C4ISR for Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Long-Range Reconnaissance

Single to Quad-Band, Auto Tracking Data Link Antennas - Proven Beyond 420k

Troll's Antenna Systems:

Troll’s directional ground antennas maximize data link range and performance. Troll’s ground tracking antennas provide automatic acquisition and tracking in up to four frequency bands simultaneously. Radio solutions vary and Troll offers tactical and commercial waveforms that take advantage of secure network topologies and accelerated encoding, decoding and encryption.

  • Improve the range of an existing data Link
  • Radio-agnostic
  • Provide autonomous RF tracking in azimuth and elevation
  • Provide telemetry tracking (KLV601/Rover/NMEA)
  • Operate in UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka bands
  • Offer single, dual, tri and quad-band versions
  • Are fully self-contained
  • Parabolic designs that minimize feed blockage to increase range
  • Feature built-in dual-GPS with high-precision INS
  • Support universal power 110/220 AC
  • Feature intuitive GUIs
  • Some reflectors available in segmented design
  • Are capable of handling high-transmit power
  • Can be vertical, horizontal, RHC, LHC polarized
  • Provide automatic asset acquisition