Wide Band Sector Antenna with Embedded Diversity Receiver

Ethernet, WiFi, cellular 3G, 4G, LTE, video distribution

tactical video and data receiver

The A6RX is designed as a complete DVB-T mobile receive site with local and network decoding and control. The A6RX incorporates a 360° diversity ground antenna comprised of six high-gain wide-band sector antennas capable of 15dbi gain in any one direction. An embedded eight-input diversity receiver / controller enables the A6RX tactical mission controller to provide local video monitoring, DVR storage, power, control and distribution via Ethernet, HDMI or composite video. The mission controller also enables retransmission of real-time video over Wi-Fi and cellular 3G, 4G, LTE.

The A6RX can decode up to six channels of video simultaneously and incorporates maximal ratio combining and packet switching to ensure robust > 360° signal reception. A single Power Over Ethernet (POE) and control cable is provided in lengths up to 100 meters making the A6RX astonishingly easy to deploy. Integrated into the design are high-performance down-converters to convert super high frequencies to the UHF band to lower cost, reduce signal attenuation and eliminate super high frequency Interference.

Encoding of video and data for transmission to these other networks is automatically bandwidth optimized based on the data rate available. This prevents the A6RX from overloading the network during critical operations. The A6RX is ideal for airborne law enforcement, military ISR and commercial broadcasters trying to manage and respond to security situations and news gathering opportunities as they unfold on the ground.

  • Six-panel diversity antenna with embedded diversity receiver and Ethernet decoder
  • Video distribution via the cloud, WiFi or cellular 
  • AES 128 or AES 256 encryption
  • MPEG 2 (4:2:2) and H.264 (4:2:2) decoding
  • Up to 15dBi gain multi-band 1.5GHz to 7GHz
  • Internal block down converters and filters
  • DVR available