Airborne Tracking Antennas - Dual-Polarized or Multi-Band 1.2 GHz to 15 GHz

To the Outer Edge of Line-of-Sight

Azimuth and elevation steered, Troll’s antennas maximize signal range and reliability by automating the tracking of narrow radio frequency beam widths. As a result, these highly directional antennas maintain signal strength and quality to the edge of line-of-sight regardless of the aircraft’s speed or attitude. Best of all, these narrowly focused, high-energy beams naturally resist jamming and interference even in saturated RF environments.

  • Capable of longer range
  • Embedded GPS and advanced IMU
  • Dual-polarized or multi-band capable
  • Resistant to interference and jamming
  • Able to automatically maintain tracking accuracy
  • Open source Ethernet control
  • Multi-band airborne systems UHF to Ku
  • Automatic calibration and tracking
  • Support for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)
  • Operate in two frequencies simultaneously
  • FAA and STC certified mounts (for most aircraft)
  • DO-160 Certified