Troll’s command and control software simplifies the set-up and operation of complex RF transmission systems with common controls and intuitive interfaces.

Troll has created software drivers for over a hundred different digital devices including:
radios, transmitters, encoders, decoders, stabilized cameras, mapping and many other sensor payloads.

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Powerful and easy to use, software that makes possible:

  • Monitoring over the network
  • Reduced training and operational costs
  • Graphic views of microwave signal characteristics
  • Live HD video and monitoring for multiple remote sites

Troll’s software diagnostics monitor devices on the communications path for:

  • Temperature
  • Data miscounts
  • Current and voltage utilization
  • Error messaging
  • Relevant or customer specialized data sets

Ability to scan component level data is designed to:

  • Isolate failures
  • Minimize downtime
  • Eliminate the need to return entire systems to the factory for service. 

  • Full Transmitter Control
  • Way Point Selection
  • Single Person Operation
  • Spectrum Monitor
  • Single Page Map Interface
  • Single Button Antenna Align
  • Works with Existing Vehicles
  • Works with Existing Equipment
  • Vehicle Tracking


Troll’s ground-based mission controllers simplify complex, multi-function requirements by combining antenna and radio control with advanced data and video content management.

  • Automatic antenna tracking on land, sea and airborne vehicle platforms
  • Network management with integrated routers
  • KLV meta-data insertion / extraction / processing
  • Integrated video encoding / encryption / enhancing
  • Integrated video recording functions
  • Video annotation with geo-locating functions
  • Image fusion and PIP (Picture-In-Picture)
  • Integrated power management for all sub-systems
  • Built-in-test
  • Intuitive touch interface

Troll System's Mobile Air-to-Ground and Ground-to-Air systems feature RF links for HD video, audio and data exchange between command and control, mobile (vehicular) and remote modular sites.  

  • Supports Air-to-Ground Communications
  • Bidirectional links (simultaneous air-to-ground and ground-to-ground)
  • Long range, mobile, line-of-sight links
  • Antenna tracking (optimizing and maintaining established links)
  • Displays all assets on a single page map interface
  • Automatically calculates the antenna positions
  • Allows remote management of the complete transmission
  • Acts as a IP hub for voice, video and data communications