Bill Sweeney Formally of BMS, Becomes a Troll

Troll Systems is excited to announce that effective June 20th, 2016, Bill Sweeney will assume the role of Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Troll Systems Corporation.

Bill has spent more than twenty-five years in senior leadership positions at companies that specialize in wireless communications and networking technologies. Specific core competencies include IP data communications, COFDM microwave data links, ASIC and embedded processors, LTE/4G, 3G, CDMA, TDMA and GSM Wireless infrastructure products. 

For the past six years, Bill was Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Broadcast Microwave Services (BMS). 

According to Michele Scott, President of Troll Systems, “Bill Sweeney, with his depth of experience and industry knowledge, along with Troll Systems and our cutting edge, innovative product lines, create a winning team, which will shape the future landscape for long-range data links in the ISR, Broadcast and Airborne Law Enforcement space.” 

About Troll Systems:
Troll Systems designs and manufactures auto-tracking, air-to-ground data links, digital transmission systems, diversity receivers, controllers and packet diversity systems that are designed to deliver high-bit-rate HD video and data over wireless microwave links and secure local or cloud based networks.

Troll’s azimuth and elevation steered airborne and ground antennas are ideal for manned and unmanned, fixed and rotor-wing aircraft, terrestrial and marine vehicles and ensure long-range wireless communications in multiple frequency bands, simultaneously. Troll’s auto-tracking, Ethernet data links provide increased range, seamless IP integration with existing networks and resistance to jamming and interference, even in saturated radio frequency environments.

Directional Diversity Tracking Antennas Patented By Troll Systems

August, 14, 2014- Valencia CA – Troll Systems, Corp is awarded a US patent #8,816,933 B2 for Directional Diversity ground antennas.

The first of its kind, Troll’s A600 ground-based antenna system revolutionized microwave communications with the introduction of Directional Diversity RF asset tracking with high-gain directional transmit and receive systems.  Used primarily to extend range, automate operation and improve accuracy, Troll’s air-to-ground transmission systems use diversity antenna arrays rather than GPS aircraft or satellite data to accurately track air, land and sea vehicles without operator intervention.  This automated process, enables Troll’s A600 and other Troll antennas to provide automated signal tracking and Ethernet processing over an extreme distances, using a plurality of antennas to ensure high-performance and accuracy.  

These air-to-ground microwave transmission systems ensure long-range, robust transmission systems that far surpass industry standards for design and functionality.  Extremely accurate and efficient, Troll’s Directional Diversity systems are designed to take maximum advantage of diversity antennas arrays by enabling RF transmission energy to track aircraft location, altitude and heading while allowing the high-gain antenna on the ground to peek on the center of a moving signal.  

Troll Wins Environmental Leadership Award

In 2011, Troll Systems was presented an Environmentally Conscious Leadership Award by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Throughout its history, Troll Systems has put environmental initiatives to work.  During building renovations in 2007, Troll implemented many environmentally-friendly changes.  Lighting for the facility is nearly all-natural and is provided by 35 skylights and 41 Solatube™ reflectors. The manufacturing floor, warehouse, engineering lab, and second-floor offices, all utilize natural light and rarely require artificial illumination.  A highly-reflective roof coating and insulation drastically cut heating and air conditioning costs, while a reverse osmosis drinking water system has eliminated the need for disposable plastic water bottles.  A hybrid car was also purchased for local deliveries and travel.

Our manufacturing processes are RoHS compliant.  Known as the "lead-free" directive, Troll voluntarily complies with RoHS.  Troll recycles aluminum cans, batteries, ink cartridges, paper and glass throughout its facility.  And, employee work schedules have been transitioned to a 9/80 cycle, reducing the energy employees spend commuting to and from work by 10%. 

Troll Systems' A600 Directional Diversity Antenna System Wins Two Engineering Design Awards at NAB 2008

Multi-Frequency, Multi-Channel DVB-T Tracking Antenna Takes Two First Price Awards

The first in a series of Next Generation News Gathering products, Troll Systems’ XNG receive system is a fully self-contained receive site.

The package includes:

  • Six channel DVB-T diversity receiver
  • Unique steerable high-gain directional antenna
  • Five reconfigurable diversity panel medium gain antennas
  • Fully automatic signal tracking with signal tracking software
  • Self-contained form-factor that can be controlled from any remote location

The system is easy to install (only one cable is required from the controller to the antenna), and even easier to operate. Once the receive channel has been set, the A600 manages the link between the RF source and the receiver. When one of the sector antennas detects a signal, the steerable high-gain antenna is automatically peaked and moved to improve signal strength, continuously optimizing its "point-to" position during signal transmission. It is this ability to track “signal integrity” that enables the A600 to outperform all competitive receive site solutions.

Significantly automating the operation of your receive site furthers cost savings by reducing labor costs by eliminating the need for extraneous microwave experts for system set-up and operation. These distinct advantages enable you to concentrate on video content rather than RF capture.