Microwave Transmit and Receive Site Remote Controller - S750, S350

Antenna Site Controller

The S750 Controller is the most advanced remote site controller available today.  Widely used to provide remote control of microwave tower sites and mobile microwave installations, the S750 is the interface between master control and remote site transmit, receive and process equipment.  The S750 can control multiple antennas, receivers, routers, switchers, encoders, decoders and the latest digital video systems.  Its modern design incorporates 32-bit architecture with extensive built-in diagnostic and test features.  It’s advanced Windows® CE 5.0 real-time operating system delivers remarkable performance while providing a PC-compatible platform for PC based networks.  The S750 also has numerous communications options, providing connections over Ethernet, modems, T1 microwave, HDMI or fiber mediums.

S350 1020S350 controllerFor complex systems, the S750’s capabilities can be expanded with the addition of an X750 or X350 expansion chassis.  The X750 expansion chassis allows the control of additional steerable devices.  The X350 allows the control of additional non-steerable devices.  Both expansion chassis add additional parallel and serial capabilities to the system.  X750s and X350s are USB interface devices that connect to the S750’s spare USB ports.

X750 2015_1020X750 expansion chassisThe “S” series site controllers offer a wide variety of ConTroll-PACs, which provide solutions for specific functionality.  A ConTroll-PAC is a hardware and / or software package added to an existing S750, X750 or X350.  They allow for control of additional hardware such as receivers, transmitters, digital encoders, spectrum viewers and switchers. Other ConTroll-PACs provide advanced communications options such as RF, microwave, TCP/IP, cellular and fiber optic transmission as well as GPS tracking via NavTrack.

  • Most advanced remote-site controller available
  • Numerous communications options
  • Highly expandable with ConTroll-PACs
  • Control multiple devices including the latest digital receivers and decoders
  • Spectrum viewer options

Antenna Site Controller