Auto-Tracking Transmit, Receive and Diversity Antennas Systems for Operations On the Move

Two to Eight Channel OFDM, COFDM DVB-T, ISDB-T, TCDLs, CMDL, TDMA, WiFi 802.11, TAC., 466, Analog FM

Troll Systems' mobile tracking antennas the A60 Diversity System, MT and ST50 Spectrum Tracking System antennas incorporate Troll's unique air-to-ground tracking methods in vehicle and tri-pod mounted form-factors. These systems automatically locate and lock on to transmission signals under highly mobile conditions in order to provide stable, long-range video data links. Depending on the model, Troll's unique antenna tracking capabilities enable our antennas to maintain the highest quality air-to-ground signal reception by continuously updating their point-to-position even when both platforms are moving rapidly.

  • Evaluating the availability and location of the radio frequency emitters
  • Extend the range and reliability of video and data from unmanned aircraft or ground vehicles

Designed to provide “hands off” operation while consistently maintaining maximum reception range and reliability, Troll’s auto-tracking, high-gain systems lower costs and extend your capability while eliminating integration and operational complexity.

Receive perfect images from your airborne assets while stationary or moving

thumb MT antenna ground Units

Minimal operator intervention required, simply select the required receive channel.

  • Two to eight-channel diversity configurations
  • Bidirectional configurations with high-gain signal tracking
  • Auto-acquisition of airborne vehicles
  • Improved signal reception in crowded RF environments
  • Evaluating the availability and location of the radio frequency emitters in the surrounding environment.
  • Rapid deployment in forward operational areas
  • Easy to deploy IP networks
  • GPS auto-positioning and locating