Wide-Band Diversity Panel Antenna

A6 - Ultra-Wide-Band, Six-Input Diversity Antenna with Up To 15dBi Gain In Any One Direction. Available in Single to Tri-band Configurations

A6 diversity ground antennas were designed to provide high-gain, 360° diversity signal reception without the cost and complexity of a dedicated tracking system. Each antenna uses five or six independent sectors with overlapping reception beam-widths. Integrated into the design are high-performance UHF down-converters with exceptional selectivity characteristics. This conversion to UHF frequencies lowers cost and improves efficiency while minimizing cable loss and noise.

A6 sector antennas can produce up to 15dBi gain in any one direction, and are available in single to tri-band configurations.

Designed specifically to take advantage of Troll Systems’ diversity infrastructure equipment. (Six-input DMR600 diversity receivers, IP packet switching, video decryption, trans-coding and secure Cloud Video Streamer) Troll’s sector antennas are an ideal way to improve your air-to-ground network coverage and provide a low cost platform to extend your reach.

Two to eight input diversity receiver DMR
  • 1.4 to 7.1GHz - single to tri-band converted to UHF
  • Compact - lightweight
  • Internal BOCs and filters as required
  • Multiple pipe mounting option
  • Up to 15dBi gain in any one direction
  • Lower installation costs
  • Provide 360° reception on up to three frequency bands simultaneously
Antenna Characteristics Low L Band High L Band S Band Lower C Upper C
Type: Dual Can Dual Slot Dual Slot Quad Slot Quad Slot
Mid-Band: 1.4-1.5 GHz 1.7-1.9 GHz 2-2.5 GHz 4.4-5.0 GHz 6.4-7.1 GHz
Beamwidth: 65°AZ / 35°EL 63°AZ / 33°EL 60°AZ / 30°EL 63°AZ / 14°EL 60°AZ / 12°EL
Antenna Gain: 11 dBi 12 dBi 13 dBi 14 dBi 15 dBi
Polarization: Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical