Up to Eight Input Diversity Receiver and Remote Controller for Microwave Antenna Sites

Baseband or Multi-Input Diversity Receiver and IP Based Remote Site Controller

The combination provides a sophisticated remote controller, central receiver or a two to eight channel diversity receiver, for ENG or law enforcement receive site locations. DMR’s includes video encryption, decryption, IP transport capability, modern video interfaces and an onboard DVR. The DMR outputs both ASI and ethernet streams for local monitoring and secure IP transport to master control centers. DMR receivers can also be daisy chained together to receive multiple RF channels simultaneously. This passive "loop-through" feature enables numerous airborne or ground assets to transmit on different channels simultaneously to any of the antennas in a diversity array.

X750 2015_1020X750 Expansion ChassisThe DMR is the replacement to Troll’s successful S-750 series of remote site controllers. When paired with Troll’s X-750 expansion chassis provides remote control of steerable tracking antennas as well as co-located diversity antennas. The DMR’s modern design incorporates the latest networking technology, with extensive built-in diagnostic and test features. Its advanced real-time operating system delivers remarkable performance while providing an ethernet compatible platform for todays IP networks.

Optional Eight-Channel Spectrum Viewer per Receiver

Troll also provides an optional eight-channel spectrum viewer that can be incorporated into the DMR system. Troll Systems’ intuitive GUI makes it easy to spot in-channel or adjacent channel interference, multipath and degraded signals. Problems can therefore be identified and corrected before they cause an interruption in service.

  • Central Receiver (baseband)
  • Diversity Receiver with two to eight inputs
  • ASI output and UDP streaming over IP
  • Internal BDC power supply
  • Independent switching for external BDC’s
  • Local or remote control via serial, ethernet or dial-up
  • Provides tracking antenna control with X-750 chassis