Six Input Diversity Receiver for Microwave Antenna Sites

Secure Ethernet over ASI Multi-Channel DVB-T Receiver

As diversity antenna sites become more commonplace, Troll’s six-input diversity receiver was designed to receive one channel on up to six antennas simultaneously. This makes it possible to support relatively low-cost, 360°coverage areas with either fixed antenna arrays like Troll’s A6, or with Troll’s patented A600 five-channel Direction Diversity Antennas that features a separate ultra-high-gain antenna feed for long-range tracking capability.

To drive down costs, Troll’s diversity receivers ingest ASI encoded IP signals that are down converted to the UHF band at the antenna. A passive “loop-through” feature makes it possible to daisy-chain multiple receivers together, allowing the antenna to accept transmissions from additional aircraft or ground vehicles. Highly scalable, each additional receiver increases, by one, the ability of the antenna site to receive another moving mission asset. The net effect is a system capable of receiving secure IP video and data on multiple channels, from multiple assets, in multiple bands, simultaneously. This state-of-the-art capability routes encrypted video and data back to a command center over standard IP networks and does not need a custom back-haul.

X750 2015_1020X750 Expansion Chassis

Optional Six-Channel Spectrum Viewer

The DSV600 can easily be added to new and existing remote site controllers. Control is provided via Ethernet, serial or dial-up. The DSV600 can be upgraded to add a single channel, base-band, full spectrum analyzer mode that covers DC to 4.4GHz. This upper frequency range can be extended to cover up to 13GHz.

  • Diversity receiver with six inputs
  • ASI output and UDP streaming over IP
  • Maximum Ratio Combining, DVB-T Demodulator
  • 5, 6, 7 and 8 MHz bandwidths
  • Internal BDC power supply
  • Independent switching for external BDC’s
  • Local or remote control via serial, ethernet or dial-up
  • Provides tracking antenna control with X-750 expansion chassis